The Retailer Updates History

The Retailer V 2.1 – July 7, 2014

Plugin Updates


  • Disable/Enable the page loader/progress bar;
  • New Blank page template – no header and footer;
  • Added as social media option;

Improvements & Bug Fixes

  • Tested for compatibility with WordPress 4.0;
  • Added the Front-End editor for Visual Composer;
  • Credit card icons in the footer not being responsive on some pages;
  • Single Images not opening links;
  • MailChimp plugin styling conflict;
  • Flickering icons in the Posts Slider element;
  • Top Bar drop-down navigation – border color not changing with the accent color;
  • Main Navigation drop-down – Border color not changing accent color;

The Retailer V 2.0 – July 7, 2014


  • Integration with Visual Composer – Drag and Drop Page Builder for WordPress – New & Updated Shortcodes
    • Easily Create Multi-Column / Grid Layouts | New
    • Parallax Sections | New
    • Accordions & Toggles | New
    • Icon Boxes | New
    • Messages | New
    • Buttons | Updated
    • Tabs | New
    • Team Members | Updated
    • Title & Separators | New
    • Blog Posts Slider | Updated
    • Google Maps | Updated
    • Embed YouTube / Vimeo Videos | New
    • Animated Counters & Pie Charts | New
    • Animated Images | New
    • Animated Progress Bars | New
    • Featured Products – List Slider | Updated
    • Featured Products – List or Slider | Updated
    • On Sale Products – List or Slider | Updated
    • Best Sellers – List or Slider | Updated
    • Products by Category – List or Slider | Updated
    • Products by Attribute – List or Slider | Updated
    • Add to Cart Button | Updated
    • Recent Products – List or Slider | Updated
    • Specific Products – List or Slider | Updated
    • Top Rated Products – List or Slider | Updated
    • Product Categories | Updated
  • Sticky Header + Option to Enable/Disable it
  • Header Images for Product Categories (Parallax)
  • Multi-Column Drop Down Menus
  • New Option: Keep Search open at all times
  • Page Preloader
  • Integrated 730+ New Line Icons (
  • New Social Media Icons, Header + Widgets – added more social media sites


  • Home V1 – eCommerce
  • Home V2 – eCommerce
  • Home V3 – eCommerce
  • Home V4 – Landing Page
  • Home V5 – Corporate / Agency
  • Home V6 – Personal / Portfolio
  • Home V7 – Full Slider
  • Home V8 – eCommerce / Slider
  • Home V9 – Parallax
  • Home V10 – Product Sections
  • About V1 – Company
  • About V2 – Personal
  • FAQs
  • Our Team
  • Services
  • Gallery in a Page – Boxed
  • Gallery in a Page – Full Width
  • Columns – Boxed
  • Columns – Full Width


  • Layout and behaviour Improvements for mobile devices
  • Improvements on Product Slider and Product Galleries (OWL Slider)
  • Update thumbnail hovers and other small interactions.
  • Updated select box for sorting products and variable products
  • Child-Theme, removed extra blank space at the end of the document causing errors
  • Footer expand button on mobile now changes its color with the rest of the theme
  • Large Products Slider – full image area is now clickable
  • Portfolio – bug fixes for translated sites
  • Updated shop header
  • Updated translation strings
  • Updated the list of Google Webfonts
  • Updated error styles for ContactForm 7
  • Bugfix: Zoomed Image on Variable Products
  • Updated: FontAwesome Icons
  • Updated: Revolution Slider

The Retailer V1.9 – April 17, 2014

  • NEW: Improvements on the Portfolio section: new layout, filters and ordering options
  • NEW: option to enable/disable the social media buttons on the product page
  • NEW: option to enable/disable the related products slider on the product page
  • NEW: Header / Top Bar Options: Change background colors / Text Color and Size
  • The Credit Card icons can be easily removed now
  • Improvements on the mobile behavior of the Footers
  • Improvements on the product reviews form
  • Updated Slider Revolution
  • Better language support for child themes
  • Tested for compatibility with WooCommerce 2.1.7
  • Tested for compatibility with WordPress 3.8.3
  • Minor tweaks and bug fixes

The Retailer V1.8.5 – February 12, 2014

The latest update focuses mostly on ensuring compatibility with the latest version of WooCommerce (2.1). It’s an important update due to changes in WooCommerce. Update the theme to the latest version only if you’re using the latest version of WooCommerce as well (2.1). Older versions won’t of WooCommerce won’t be supported.

  • WooCommerce 2.1 compatibility Tweaks and Fixes
  • Shopping Bag / My Account / Checkout: Updates to accomodate the new template of WooCommerce in 2.1
  • Updated Slider Revolution to its latest version
  • Fixed minor bugs and styling issues

The Retailer V.1.8 – November 12, 2013

The Retailer V.1.7 – September 11th, 2013

  • WordPress 3.6.1 Ready
  • Display the number of intems in the cart as a bubble over the favicon
  • Full Theme Options panel overhaul
  • Theme Option – Introduced new Header options (including one with the logo being centered above navigation)
  • Theme Option – Footer options with 3 and 4 columns
  • Theme Option – Display ratings in the shop catalog.
  • Theme Option – Turn Off the Shopping Bag in the Header
  • Theme Option – Show the mobile ‘Mini Bag’ on the desktop version
  • Theme Option – Completely disable the Reviews Tab on the Product Page
  • Theme Option – Full Post / Excerpt option for blog posts
  • Updated the list of Google Webfonts (650+ fonts)
  • TWEAK: Updated Styles for the Product Category Description
  • TWEAK: Updates Styles to give more flexibility to the logo size
  • TWEAK: Updated Styles for the product description
  • TWEAK: Updated Styles for Grouped Products
  • TWEAK: Reverted the index.php file to it’s default functionality, now showing the latest posts in the blog
  • TWEAK: Updated Styles for ‘Attributes Allowed’ in Comment Form
  • TWEAK: Visual Indicator for child pages on iPhone nav
  • FIX: Product sliders being overlapped by other elements / being cut off
  • FIX: Product Image Gallery loading issue
  • FIX: Comments on pages not responding to Theme Options checkbox “display comments”
  • FIX: Added order status terms from my account in the .po file (thanks simplyraw)
  • FIX: “Continue reading” button in WordPress v3.6
  • FIX: SKU not changing on Variable Products
  • Other minor styling fixes

The Retailer V.1.6.5 – June 21st, 2013

  • NEW: Added support for Cloud Zoom (
  • TWEAK:Re-Build Localization
  • NEW: Added support for WooCommerce 2.0.12
  • TWEAK: Updated the variation image behaviour
  • TWEAK: Updated the image quality for mobile devices in the Portfolio section
  • TWEAK: Better support for the WooCommerce image settings
  • FIX/MOBILE: Product image crop on single product pages
  • FIX/MOBILE: Some retina issues

The Retailer V.1.6 – May 15th, 2013

  • NEW: Added Next/Prev to Lightbox Images
  • NEW: Localization support for sharing links in product page
  • NEW: Updated Dummy Data
  • NEW: Include currency code in schema
  • NEW: Calculate Shipping field styles
  • NEW: Review Form Styling when Lightbox is disabled
  • NEW: ‘Add to Cart Button’ Shortcode Styles Update
  • NEW: Added support for multiple languages in Theme Options – Register/Login Sections
  • NEW: Show the excerpt instead of the content in category/tag blog listing
  • NEW: Add pagination in blog listing from for a category or tag
  • NEW: Added support for WooCommerce 2.0.9.
  • NEW: Added support for Contact Form 7 3.4.1.
  • TWEAK: Image quality and image sizes in Single Product.
  • TWEAK: Product Meta tags singular/plural
  • FIX: Categories Display Settings in WooCommerce
  • FIX: Footers with no widgets don’t respond to theme option to hide
  • FIX: Uppercase in title breaks socials links
  • FIX: Custom Sidebar on Shop
  • FIX: Footers with no widgets don’t respond to theme option to change background color
  • FIX: Error in view order for downloadable items

The Retailer V.1.5 – April 27th, 2013

  • NEW: Added support for Ubermenu
  • NEW: Added support for WooCommerce 2.0.8.
  • NEW: Added new Google Fonts
  • NEW: Added the Option to Turn Off Light Footer on All Site
  • NEW: Added the Option to Turn Off Dark Footer on All Site
  • NEW: Added the Option to change the color for Primary Menu
  • NEW: Added the Option to change the color for Secondary Menu
  • NEW: Added new query for [custom_on_sale_products] shortcode
  • FIX: Minicart disappears in some situations
  • FIX: Revolution Slider background – Firefox
  • FIX: Navigation not being centered in Catalog Mode on mobiles
  • FIX: PHP Warning when product not being part of a category

The Retailer V.1.4 – April 09th, 2013

  • NEW: Product flipping image logic
  • NEW: New language strings added
  • FIX: Styles update for better landscape imagery support

The Retailer V.1.3 – April 03rd, 2013

  • NEW: Added support for product category base permalink
  • NEW: Added support for custom image per product variation
  • NEW: Added support for Cross-Sells products in the Shopping Bag
  • NEW: Slider PSD files available in the theme pack
  • FIX: Order total and shipping bug
  • FIX: My account styles updated
  • FIX: Translation strings updated
  • FIX: Coupon Code Bug Fix
  • FIX: Product lists alignment in widgets

The Retailer V.1.2 – March 29th, 2013

  • NEW: Added option to enter the number of products/page in Products Listing
  • NEW: Added option to change the Copyright text color in Footer
  • NEW: Added category filter for [from_the_blog] shortcode
  • FIX: Filter by price bug (and other small issues)

The Retailer V.1.1 – March 28th, 2013

  • NEW: Added support for WooCommerce 2.0.5.
  • NEW: Added Left Sidebar for Pages
  • NEW: Added the option to hide the Light Footer on Blog
  • NEW: Added Prettyphoto (modal lightbox) to WP

    with link=file

  • FIX: Plugin install fails if Child theme active
  • FIX: Images in Product Image Gallery Won’t Delete

The Retailer V.1.0 – March 26th, 2013

  • Initial Release